Message from CEO


Our purpose is to help and empower people to improve their lives. Often the people we work with are a little lost: perhaps they did not have the best start in life; maybe they haven’t realised their purpose or have been side-tracked along the way. We work with these people to help them to gain clarity about their purpose and personal goals, help them discover their route to achievement and then walk with them, holding their hands, on their first steps.

The uniqueness of Step Ahead is its multiple strands of provision which enable us to provide the right solution to address an individual’s particular problem or barrier. Always our final aim is to place an individual into suitable, sustained employment.

Over 20 years of building a solid reputation based on our delivery track record and achievements has meant that this year was one of our most successful for securing significant new contracts with new and existing funders, enabling us to help more people and develop new fruitful relationships with employers across London.

We continue to ensure that we evolve with the times and social media rose towards the top of the agenda in 2020. We have been thrilled with the hundreds of positive reviews we have received on Google and Facebook, from customers that have experienced the different elements of our service provision, including employers. This feedback tells us that we are continuing to get it right. Nonetheless, we continue to improve our provision further including e-Learning and digital engagement.

Recruitment continues to be at the very core of our business. We realise that, in order to provide viable pathways to get people into jobs, it is paramount that we have trusted and established relationships with employers that are prepared to commit to our cause. Their motivation is created by the outstanding quality of service and care that is delivered by our staff. Our teamwork is stronger than ever. We truly believe that it is the singular biggest differentiator about Step Ahead: our cohesive team enables us to offer the very best care to our customers. As we look forward to next year, the horizon looks bright and we remain committed to our cause.

Jackie Bedford

CEO, Step Ahead