If you are a Sprint user, we have exciting news! (If you are using a timesheet system other than Sprint currently, this message will not apply).
We’ve recently completed successful trials of our new timesheet system – iTempaid – and are ready to roll this out to all remaining employees and clients of our temporary staffing and ATA services currently using Sprint with effect from next week.    This means that, if you are using our Sprint system currently, then your timesheet for your working hours in the w/e 28th September 2018 shall be the last you submit/authorise via Sprint.
Inevitably, given the weekly nature of the payroll, we need to account for some conflicting processes as we transition from the old to new system.  We care that you do not suffer unnecessary disruption, so we’re committed to doing all we can to minimise any inconvenience to you.  However, we shall need your help in some small but important ways to ensure the transition is as smooth as it can be.
Flexible Employees/Apprentices

  • Earlier this week, we asked you to please submit your Sprint timesheet for the current week (w/e 28th September 2018) and any late timesheets from earlier weeks by Friday, 28th September 2018. If you have yet to do so, please do this by 30 September 2018.
  • Please ask your timesheet approver to approve it by Monday morning, i.e. before 12 noon on 1 October 2018
  • Please keep a separate record of your hours worked after 28th September as there will be a short delay before your first iTempaid timesheet is available (we expect this to be issued to you by the end of the day on 1 October; please forgive us if there is a modest delay beyond that)
  • Please sign up to your iTempaid account as soon as possible after receiving your access notification email; all notifications will come from StepAhead@iTempaid.co.uk – please whitelist this address or take care to look out for it in your junk/spam folder and, if you have not received your access notification email for iTempaid by Tuesday, 2 October 2018 please let us know.
  • Your user guide is here iTempaid FE and Apprentices Guide

Note that, after this transitional week, your timesheet will normally be made available on Friday in respect of the following week.  It’s possible that it may be later from time-to-time, but normally not later than Monday of the same week and the time by which you will need those timesheets approved will revert to by 10:30am each Tuesday.
Client Timesheet Approvers

  • It would help us greatly if you could make arrangements to approve any Sprint timesheets for the current week’s hours (including any submitted late for prior weeks) by noon on 1 October 2018.  Please let us know if this is likely to cause any difficulties or you need to change the Sprint timesheet approver.
  • Please sign up for your new iTempaid account as soon as possible after receiving your access email, this will come from StepAhead@iTempaid.co.uk and you may need to check your junk/spam/quarantine if this address is not whitelisted by your organisation.  As we must deal with remaining Sprint timesheets before activating you as an iTempaid user, please do not expect to receive this notification email just yet.  We expect them to become available during the latter part of Monday, 1 October but, if all/the vast majority of Sprint timesheets have not been approved by noon on the 1st, this may not come until Tuesday; if you haven’t received yours by Tuesday, 2nd October however, please let us know.
  • Your user guide is here iTempaid Client Guide

After this transitional week, the timesheet approval deadline shall be by 10:30am each Tuesday.
Any questions?
 We anticipate that your first question may be ‘Why is Step Ahead making this change?’.  Amongst the variety of reasons are that, in addition to new features,  iTempaid offers added security for the ways in which we handle your personal data in respect of timesheets and payslips.  For our employees, it also means we can display your pay rate on the timesheet and, soon, it shall be possible to view both your timesheets AND payslips on iTempaid from a single secure logon; we will cease to send payslips by email when we introduce this feature.    For clients, added features will include the ability to add a Purchase Order number and you will be able to view the charge rate on the timesheet.   Clients have the facility to approve multiple timesheets at once if they wish and both clients and employees will also be able to export timesheet details into Excel in csv format.
The attached guides include contact details for any other questions you may have going forward, but during the transition period we will have a team of people available to deal with any queries or problems which come up as you get to know the new system.  You can contact:

  • Kathy O’Callaghan, on 020 7400 6287 or by email to kathy@stepahead.co.uk
  • my colleague Kristina Harper (Finance Manager) on 020 7400 6272/6266 or by email to Finance@stepahead.co.uk, or
  • my assistant Jasmine Edwards on 020 3637 2516 or by email to jasmine@stepahead.co.uk