We have a first time winner for October 2017.

Congratulations go to Paulette McKenzie for being voted as Employee of the Month by her colleagues at Step Ahead.

In the voting Paulette was recognised for treating all her customers with respect and giving them the time they need. Although relatively new to the team, she has demonstrated that Step Ahead’s Top 10 Customer Service Rules come naturally to her.

Paulette works well with the team and is always alert to opportunities to support those in other teams, as well as her own.

Being an optimistic and very positive person clearly figures in her success, as she simply ‘gets on with the job’, is constantly smiling and is 100% genuine.

Add to all of that a professional, engaging demeanour with her clients, and it’s easy to see why Paulette McKenzie is the popular winner of Employee of the Month for October 2017. Well done Paulette, it’s your first but unlikely to be your last.