With the new Apprenticeship Levy due to be implemented next May, we are hearing that many employers are delaying apprenticeship starts until after then, as they want to ensure that they don’t waste any of their levy contributions.
This is totally understandable, but it’s important to remember that:~
– Between now and next May, the existing arrangements whereby the government effectively pays for apprenticeship training remain in place.
– Therefore employers who delay are effectively turning their back on ‘free’ government funding for training.
– This represents a definite loss, whereas the possibility of underspending on a levy pot is just a potential loss.
– The most important thing is that you schedule your apprenticeships for how your organisation needs them.
– The funding for apprenticeship training environment is effectively time neutral, and so it’s important not to let the tail of the Levy wag the dog of your actual apprenticeship training needs.